Piers Morgan Attacks Governor Palin – Update

Moments after news broke that the Senate rejected Toomey-Manchin, Governor Palin sent out a congratulatory tweet to free and law abiding Americans.

In response, the ever so petulant Piers Morgan sent out the following:

In addition to that, President Obama took to the microphone at the White House to throw his own temper tantrum over the same victory for our precious Second Amendment:

For the past several months, alleged leaders in Washington D.C. have done nothing but exploit the tragedy of Sandy Hook to further carry out their grand plans of fundamentally transforming our great nation.  Yet, the response by the American people today — the rejection of restrictions against one of our nation’s amendments — was a bipartisan effort.  Enough Democrats and Republicans decided to band together and stand up for our freedoms and our liberties.  The status quo on both sides of the aisle gambled and lost.  Those wobbly ones on the right have been properly identified and shall be handled appropriately at the ballot boxes in the future.

Today was also the same day that Britain said goodbye to Lady Thatcher.  In the 1980’s this true leader survived a bombing in Brighton during the conservative party’s annual conference weekend.  It was planted in the walls nearest to the suite she was originally planned to be in.  Due to various reasons, she was moved to a different room.  Nevertheless, the IRA managed to instill fear and to create chaos, death, and injury for many.  Immediately after, the media pondered whether or not it would be safe for the conservative conference to continue.  Some who believed they knew better wanted to get Thatcher back to Downing Street.  Lady Thatcher responded by saying “the conference will go on, as usual” reminding the press and country (as the leader she was) that “life must go on, as usual!”

You can watch all of it here:

But perhaps she summed it up best the next day at the conference she insisted must “go on as usual” when saying that their presence at the conference “was a sign not only that this attack has failed, but that all attempts to destroy Democracy by terrorism will fail.”

As Governor Palin stated last month at CPAC, “we could use a leader like Maggie Thatcher today.”  The Governor’s usual prescience on most matters rings true just one more month later with regard to not only Sandy Hook but to the Boston bombings as well.

Yet, the alleged leadership in D.C. along with his apologists in the media like Piers Morgan would rather sacrifice our freedoms and liberties and have them compromised by giving in to the same kind of terrorism and tragedy Lady Thatcher spoke of.

This is not a country driven by the insane when they commit disgusting acts.  We are driven by the freedoms and liberties it guarantees everyone despite the risks and personal responsibility inherited.  It is our job to honor those who sacrificed all for our freedoms in the past (and those who are sacrificed by those who hate it today), to collectively embrace that freedom and unite to let those responsible for such tragedy know that their attempts to destroy our democracy or our collective peace of mind will fail today just as it always has in the past.

It’s just too bad that we lack the leadership in D.C. required to carry that message.

Sorry Piers, “the Lady is NOT for turning.”  Whine on, petulant one.

Update by Stacy: Rob Port asks:

We can only hope.

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