POLITICO Writer Sinks to New Low

The news of Lady Thatcher’s death impacted many good conservatives today who look to her history for the answers our country needs in facing its biggest problems today.  As such, we here at C4P shared some of our favorite quotes, memories, and videos of the Iron Lady.  In addition to that, Governor Palin wrote a beautiful piece at National Review describing the challenges Thatcher overcame with her principles that remained iron solid against all odds.

While there are those out there who will use this sad day to remember and respect, sadly, there are those so driven by their hate and fear of modern-day conservatives that they’ll use it as ammo.

Such is the case over at Politico.  In a four-paragraph rambling, Kevin Robillard uses the death of one of Britain’s most cherished Prime Ministers to rehash a story meant to portray Governor Palin in an unkind way.  Last year, a lefty journalist writing for Britain’s equivalent to the Enquirer reported that an anonymous source close to Thatcher claimed the former Prime Minister spoke very unkindly (and unintelligent) about Governor Palin in private.

The rumor was immediately put to rest in places like here and here where actual sources were identified and quoted.

Of course, we’re used to this type of “me-too” journalism with regard to Governor Palin.  One journalist hates and fears her so much that they’ll work overtime manufacturing untrue narratives, and someone like Robillard comes around and says “me too!”  It’s unkind to associate disgusting smears of Governor Palin to a former Prime Minister.  Since we know Margaret Thatcher put up with similar tactics in her time, we can all but expect them to continue on Governor Palin.

But the fact that Robillard and Politico would actually diminish Margaret Thatcher’s legacy and use her death as a cheap ploy to rehash debunked Palin-smear makes them about as credible (and just as desperate) as the tabloid writers responsible for it in the first place.

Absolutely disgusting.

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