Scarborough: I don’t much like that Ted Cruz character

Say it ain’t so, Joe.  Via Jeffrey Meyer at Newsbusters:

If there’s one senator that Joe Scarborough and the rest of the folks on  MSNBC’s Morning Joe have contempt for it’s Ted Cruz. The freshman  Texas senator and Tea Party favorite has been attacked by the morning schmoes on  a regular basis, and on April 30 Scarborough — a formerly conservative U.S.  congressman — went after Cruz once again.

On Tuesday morning, Scarborough chastised Cruz for, “mocking members of his  own party” surrounding the gun control debate in Congress. Scarborough and  co-host Mika Brzezinski, who are no strangers to verbally attacking Cruz,  described his actions as inappropriate…

As  the segment continued, Scarborough accused Cruz of lying about discussions between Republican Senators during closed door meetings…

No one on the panel seems to understand that Senator Cruz campaigned on being  an anti-establishment member of the Senate, someone who asks questions and  challenges the mainstream in Washington.

In other words, he’s doing precisely what he said he’d do on the  campaign trail. Instead of realizing that Cruz is simply voicing concerns that  he promised he would focus on prior to getting elected, Scarborough and the rest  of the Morning Joe crew would rather demean and mock the senator, trying to  shame him into silence and badger him into being a meeker, milder freshman  legislator.

This isn’t the first time Cheetoh Joe expressed his contempt for Cruz, but I’m guessing the Senator considers criticism from MSNBC buffoons like Scarborough to be more a badge of honor than anything else. Video below courtesy of Mediaite:

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