Steve Tobak | Don’t buy an electric car

When it comes to energy and the environment, I like to think I’m a pretty  sensible, practical person. But I wouldn’t buy an electric car if you paid me.  Here’s why:

It’s not a piece of fruit. My wife buys organic chicken, eggs,  vegetables, and fruit even though they’re way more expensive. It’s better for  our health and the animals and farmers. I get that. But a car is the most  expensive thing you own that depreciates – a lot. The cars we drive meet  California’s tough emission standards. They don’t hurt my family or the  chickens. I’m cool with that.

The car I want to drive doesn’t come in electric. There are two kinds  of people in this world: car people and everyone else. I am a car person. I’m  very particular about how I get from point A to point B. I have no idea why.  Maybe it’s an extension of my male ego or a character flaw. Whatever. All I know  is,   it’s a free country, it’s my money, and the car I want to drive  doesn’t come in electric.

It isn’t cost effective. I spent my career in the high-tech industry.  When I tell you that it’s smart to be a late adopter of anything new, especially  technology, you should listen. In time, competition increases, prices come down,  and reliability goes up. Let rich people like rock stars and actors buy Teslas  and Volts.    They’re not for you.


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