12 Reasons Why Oklahoma is So Cool

1. Will Rogers

“Oklahoma’s Favorite Son” and master of the philosophical quip spoken in the common man’s voice.

Be thankful we’re not getting all the government we’re paying for.

WillRogers3a (4)Credit: Estate of Will Rogers 

2. Oklahoma City Thunder

Loud City. Durant. Westbrook. The Beard.  Seattle fans may have a bitter taste in their coffee but the Thunder Team has been a wonderful thing for the city and the state. If you catch a game, you’ll see most fans standing the entire time, nearly everyone decked out in Thunder gear and when it’s a hot game, it’s louder than a thunder clap on a summer evening. The Team gives back by doing a lot of community outreach activities.


3. Historic Route 66

The Will Rogers Highway, Main Street of America, Mother Road, are all names by which this iconic road is known. A major artery for folks headed west, it crossed through 7 States and was traversed by the Joad family in Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath. Roughly 432 miles of the nearly 2500 mile route cross the Oklahoma landscape.


4. Pops

 It’s a gas station and restaurant on the Old Mother Road but the best part is the selection of 500+ flavors of soda pop. I’ve made my way through all the grape soda. Root beer is next

PopsCredit: Greg Disch

5. Woody Guthrie

“The Dust Bowl Troubadour”



6. The state bird is the Scissor Tailed Flycatcher

Check out that “tail.” Dude.

STFC0681Credit: Birds of OK

7. Red Dirt

It will stain your car, your house, your shoes and looks like orange slushie when it rains, but it sure can look pretty at sunset.

Red DirtCredit: AMSER

8. Red Dirt Music

 “[I]t seems to have Oklahoma values, you know how Okies are real good at doing everything themselves, maybe a sense of independence about it. It’s natural, and honest, and about real life.


Credit: nowmagazines.com

9. Arbuckle Wilderness Park

From the exotic zebras and camels to the more local buffalo and the cats of the Camel World, Llamas, you can feed all from the comfort of your vehicle. Usually from a Pepsi cup.

LlamaCredit: Everyday Tourist


 10. Red River Rivalry

One of the biggest rivalries in college sports is the Oklahoma Sooners vs. Texas Longhorns. The game is held in Dallas at the Cotton Bowl during the Texas State Fair. Pick the wrong weekend and in between your consumption of fried beer and corn dogs,  you’ll be swallowed up by a sea of Red Shirted Sooners and Orange clad Longhorns. Boomer. Sooner



11. This guy


Don’t eye roll. I know some of y’all cranked up “The Thunder Rolls” and “Friends in Low Places.”

12. This girl.


“Before He Cheats.” Downloaded it first week.


Oklahoma isn’t a tiny state, but it does have a small town sense of community about it. They’ll bounce back. In the meantime, throw some funds their way if you can spare it.

Red Cross Local Oklahoma Chapters

Text REDCROSS to 9099


Sister Site Palin4America’s Firelight has more here.

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