10 Reasons Why You Should Tell Netflix to “F U”: Finally Unsubscribe



Last night, the Mook who runs Netflix’s Twitter account decided to commit a PR faux pas and delve into the pool of political Twitter games. He or she also ran afoul of Goodwin’s Law. Stacy Drake posted Twitchy’s round up and the very harsh reactions of folks who, for some inexplicable reason, do not take kindly to being compared to Nazis.

Imagine that.

Some of you may remember that 2011 was an  annus horribilis for Netflix. It made one bad decision after another and it resulted in 800,000 subscribers jumping ship. Myself included. I don’t mind a company trying new things. I do mind however, asshattery in the execution and the results being even poorer service. After this latest asshattery, why would anyone consider giving this company her money?

If you haven’t cancelled your subscription to Netflix already, allow me to remind you why you should hit that F U button now: FINALLY UNSUBSCRIBE


10: They thought jacking up prices on customers was a great idea.




9: They thought DOUBLE charging customers was a great idea.


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8: On the same day they jacked up prices-they also lost a big chunk of their library-further beating down the price jump justification


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7: Their CEO  did not seem to truly understand how irate his customers had become.


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6: But it was all cool because they thought they had a really good idea


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5. Then they realized it wasn’t a good idea.


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4: They don’t seem to understand that to stream content-you actually need content

Netflix Will Lose Almost 2,000 Movies Wednesday


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3: Again, their CEO has poor judgement:

 Earlier this month, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said that he was considering letting a broad television deal with Viacom Networks lapse. That would mean that shows from Nickelodeon, MTV, VH1 and BET could all disappear from the service at the end of May.


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2: There are better options out there.

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1: They compare their customers to Nazis.

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UPDATED: “Also, if you plan on canceling by calling Netflix, please remember that the person you’re talking to on the phone just works there. They aren’t responsible for the behavior of the jerk who runs the Twitter account or the management who refuse to make this situation right.”

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