Audio of Governor Sarah Palin at the Cost of Freedom Tribute, May 9, 2013

Governor Palin spoke at the Cost of Freedom Tribute in Buckeye, Arizona, on May 9, 2013 where she honored those who served and gave their lives so we could be free:

One of our commenters, iizthatiiz, posted the following on-the-ground reports in our comment section:

A very moving day and evening at the ‘Cost Of Freedom’ tribute Thursday in Buckeye, AZ at the opening of the travelling Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall exhibit.

Governor Palin gave a well-received, heartfelt address to a crowd of approximately 500. Her remarks were totally non-political, and very much focused on the ultimate sacrifice given to this country by so many of our men and women in uniform. It was a series of stirring and emotional moments for those in attendance and Governor Palin.

After the ceremony, it was announced that Governor Palin would spend some time in front of the stage with those who wished to meet her. At least 200 lined up. She spent close to two hours greeting, talking, and taking photo’s with each and every one of them.

Be sure to check out the comments linked above as there are a lot of pictures.

A big thank you to the American Veterans Traveling Tribute Mission for providing us with the audio.  You check out the AVTT by going to their website or by visiting them on Facebook.



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