Bernie Quigley: Sarah Palin, Tea Party save America

There’s not much I can add to Bernie Quigley’s excellent piece today at The Hill. He takes a mild shot at the Palin-deranged Kathleen Parker before discussing Palin’s key role in the Tea Party’s rise to prominence and how the Governor has been well ahead of the curve on most major issues and events of the past few years.  Here’s an excerpt:

This morning from The Washington Post’s Kathleen Parker: “Breaking  news: Conservative organizations suddenly have found common cause with one of  their favorite objects of contempt — the benighted Mainstream Media … Or as  the tea party queen and former Alaska governor likes to put it, the ‘lamestream  media.’ In a twist of irony, the two groups have coalesced around a common  enemy: the U.S. government.”

The Tea Party queen here is, of course, Sarah Palin. Interesting, because  Parker was among the first to announce, when Palin first arrived on the scene,  that Palin was “out of her league.”

“The  league” is what we commonly call the “establishment” today. This definition of  the word “establishment,” which was popularized in the ’60s, popped up again  (here, I think) to juxtapose and enhance the Tea Party. It contains lamestream  press, the two political parties, and the families of influence from Eastern  money and Northeastern states, the Kennedy and the Bush apparatuses primarily  (Obama proudly walks his Kennedy doggie) and now the Clintons and their  generation.

The establishment has flipped. America today has done what needs to be done  and it could not have been done without the Tea Party. But truth be told, there would be no Tea Party today had there not been a Sarah Palin to egg it on and  advance it.

Reports now are everywhere that “DC turns on Obama,” a headline today at  Politico.

We saw it coming when just last month the venerable TV veteran Tom Brokaw  condemned the White House correspondents’ annual fete, calling it “Versailles.” Something in our nature makes it true when an old soldier, a “Gray Champion,” says it, steps in front of the parade and says “no more.” But we have been hearing this from Palin for several years now. Next year it will be  different.

Read the remainder of Quigley’s piece here.

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