Bob Schieffer lectures Dan Pfeiffer: ‘Why are you here?’

I know, I already did three Pfeiffer posts. But what’s one more going to hurt? I rarely ever watch Bob Schieffer’s Sunday show so I missed this yesterday. It’s not that I consider Schieffer to be any worse than the other Sunday hosts, but the local CBS affiliate in Cleveland tends to be inconsistent in when they air the show making it difficult to keep track of.

Anyway, what’s most noteworthy about this interview is the veteran CBS reporter’s annoyance the Obama flack’s stock non-answers to important questions that he had to know were going to be asked.  In dressing down Pfeiffer, Schieffer notes that the White House’s responses to these questions bear a striking similarity to how the Nixon Administration first handled Watergate questions.  Schieffer also lectures Pfeiffer on Obama’s tendency to take credit when things go well, and pass the buck when they don’t. At one point, an obviously frustrated Schieffer asks Pfeiffer why he, an out-of-his-depth political operative, is answering these questions rather than someone who may actually have some useful information to share.  Good question.  Enjoy the exchange, courtesy of Newsbusters.

If reporters like Schieffer had demonstrated this kind of diligence in 2007 and 2008, maybe the country could have been spared the nightmare of the Obama presidency.

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