Chris Matthews: NRA doing a “death dance” over Obama’s political grave

Via Newsbusters, Chris Tingles is not at all happy about today’s NRA – ILA Leadership Forum at which Governor Palin spoke. The easily excitable MSBNC clown equates today’s speeches in Texas to end zone dances by NFL players. Or something.

MATTHEWS: The  NFL has sort of limited the end zone dances to something minimally triumphant  now. You can’t put on an entire performance art there. But these guys, it seems  to be no limit. I hear it’s going to go on all afternoon. Sarah Palin’s going to do one of these things. It’s just going to go on and on. I think it might be  a dance of death over the President’s political grave, is what it really is. I think the governor’s right. It can’t just be about less invasive  background checks. Is this the holy grail for these people?

Two observations: First, the constitution is the holy grail for constitutionalists, and any time we’re able to beat back attempts by the Left to take away those cherished rights guaranteed by that document, a celebration — perhaps even an end zone dance — is warranted. Second, if today’s NRA forum is akin to “a dance of death over the President’s political grave”, does that mean Tingles believes that Obama is dead, politically speaking?

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