Debra Saunders | ‘Sequestageddon’ not working for for Democrats

The Pecksniffs of America had nothing but scorn for Congress’ vote last week  to stop furloughs of air traffic controllers, which were ostensibly mandated  under the 2011 Budget Control Act.

Congress failed to act to stop cuts to Head Start and Meals On Wheels,  critics sneered, but did stop the Federal Aviation Administration cuts largely  because they hit lawmakers where they live — on the planes that fly them to and  from their home districts.

Nonsense. Congress did what it was supposed to do. Capitol Hill responded to  the flying public’s righteous anger. There was a fear factor: If a plane  crashed, voters would blame Washington.

Republicans found unused money in the transportation budget. So after  Democrats protested and the White House promised to veto any sequester  modifications, they fell in line behind an FAA fix; it passed with bipartisan  support and was punctuated with a presidential signature.

“Congress is capable of doing that everywhere if the lawmakers really want  to,” budget fellow Patrick Knudsen of the right-leaning Heritage Foundation  opined.

It turns out that the Obama White House had miscalculated. It had become  increasingly clear that the White House was using the FAA cuts to gin up voter  outrage against the sequester cuts. And that wasn’t going to fly.


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