Frequent Palin Basher Says Ted Cruz ‘Doesn’t Get the Senate’

In the past, we’ve taken issue with past pieces written by Elspeth Reeve.  So she’s no stranger to saying things that are odd.  She relies on narratives to write her stories, not facts.  You can see an example of such here and another one here.

Now, she rushes to defend John McCain.  Sadly, Ted Cruz is not willing to “compromise” with liberals who want to force us to another debt-ceiling increase, nor is he willing to sit down and shut up when McCain gets riled about it.

She says:

Republicans criticized Senate Democrats for years for not passing a budget, but now that they have, some Republicans are preventing the senators from negotiating with House Republicans to pass a budget in conference committee. But on Tuesday, Cruz, as well as Rand Paul, wanted to block the conference committee, because it might compromise. “This fight right now is the fight over the debt ceiling, because what it would mean if we go to a conference committee is that as sure as night follows day, we would find ourselves in a month or two with a debt ceiling increase coming back … with no conditions whatsoever,” Cruz said, as The Washington Post‘s Lori Montgomery reports. McCain said that was ridiculous. “So we don’t trust the majority party on the other side of the [Capitol] to come to conference and not hold to the fiscal discipline that we want to see happen? Isn’t that a little bit bizarre?” McCain said. Susan Collins agreed.

As such, Ms. Reeve declared the following:

Cruz is being annoying about the budget, but worse, he just doesn’t get the Senate.


But this isn’t just about budget negotiations. There is bipartisan agreement that Cruz doesn’t follow the norms of the Senate. He’s rude, he doesn’t respect his elders, he’s “Jim DeMint without the charm,” an anonymous Republican senator told The Washington Post‘s Ruth Marcus. Earlier this month, Cruz recently had a spat with Harry Reid, in which Reid called him “the very junior senator from Texas.”

Here’s what Elspeth Reeve doesn’t get about the Tea Party.  We are educated people and are becoming more informed as the days pass.  We understand the debt and how we got here.  We also understand that the “elders” in D.C. who are responsible for it all “just doesn’t get” we the people.  But Ted Cruz does.

Notice how Elspeth has the gall to demand Cruz “respect his elders,” yet she has no problem quoting some of them who condescend to new Senators sent to D.C. by a growingly-angry people sick of a government which doesn’t understand simple math.  You don’t incur anymore debt under the guise of calling it a “budget.”  You cut just as any of us would have to do in our homes and just as many small businesses across the country have to do to stay afloat.

Her annoyance at Cruz for failing to submit to Senate fossils like Reid, McCain, or Collins reveals something important.  Party affiliation does not matter in the case of constitutional conservative principles and the fight that awaits.  The Democrats, unable to fight their addiction to other people’s money, want a “compromise” that raises the debt ceiling so they can cash in politically in future election cycles and some on the right are anxious to join in.

The types of Senators that Reeve seems to believe do “get the Senate” are the ones who have still failed to pass a real budget and ones who have us nearing 17T in debt.  Sooner or later, the alleged know-it-alls and career politicians are going to have to face the music as the obvious continues to reveal itself: despite being condescended to all the time, the people have had enough.  Ted Cruz (God Bless Him!) is merely a representative of those out here who’ve had enough and will not sit down and shut up.

Cruz “gets the Senate,” Ms. Reeve.  The problem is, his opposing lifers in D.C. have forgotten what public service is all about.


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