Great news: Obama to focus on job creation … again

Let the pigeon’s loose, the unemployment problem will soon be over. Forget about Obama’s regulatory chokehold and Obamacare taxes. Just knowing that Obama is once again turning his awesome economic skills to job creation will immediately cause employers to hire the roughly 5 million workers they’ve shed since his inauguration, right? And maybe, if we’re lucky, the jobs Obama “creates” will come with a lower price tag than the $11 million per worker cost of his vaunted green energy program.

President Barack Obama pledged on a trip to Texas on Thursday to take steps to accelerate economic growth, turning his attention to job creation after concentrating on gun-control legislation and immigration reform in recent months.

Obama was kicking off events he has scheduled across the country to draw attention to his efforts to boost economic growth through jobs that benefit the middle class, White House officials said.

“Watching cable TV sometimes, you might get to thinking nothing’s going right. But the truth is there’s a lot of reasons for us to feel optimistic about where we’re headed as a country,” he told students and staff at Manor New Technology High School outside Austin.

The first trip on his jobs tour comes as a poll shows that what Americans want most from politicians in Washington is job creation and action to help the economy grow.

There you go. Problem solved. I know I’ll sleep easier tonight.  You?

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