If She’s Not Irrelevant, She’s an Elite!

As was reported by Newsmax a few days ago, apparently Mark Burnett, mega-television producer has offered Governor Palin a major talk show.

This news comes just a week after a poll conducted in the state of Alaska reflects the majority of respondents want Governor Palin to run for the U.S. Senate practically proving she’d be a shoe-in if she ran.

Of course, we at C4P don’t draft or encourage Governor Palin to do anything specific.  No matter what she does in years to come, we know she’ll use her platform to continue fighting for the fundamental restoration we need to return America back to better days.

Yet, it’s just more confirmation that despite “reporters” who question her relevance, the people who really matter are begging to differ.  This of course is just one example of how out of touch the elites in the media are.

Take Richard Lawson at The Atlantic Wire for example.

It seems that part of the problem [with Burnett’s offer] up to this point has been location, with Palin bristling at the idea of relocating to New York or Los Angeles, as Burnett is requiring that she do. Newsmax explains to us that “Palin has a distaste for cultural elites in the Big Apple and L.A., one person familiar with the discussions said.” Hm. Isn’t a former Vice Presidential candidate who’s had a television show before and has published two books and is being offered another television show by one of the biggest producers in the business something of a cultural elite herself? I’d certainly think so!


So stop being so culturally elite, New York and L.A. You’re scaring her off. Dumb down your own eliteness for just a little while so Sarah Palin can come film her national talk show in peace.

First of all, since when does a major television show have to be in Los Angeles or New York?  Wasn’t the Oprah Winfrey show filmed in Chicago?  Why couldn’t Governor Palin be given the chance to work in Phoenix or Anchorage if she so chooses?

Second, it’s pretty hilarious to watch reporters who one minute scream about (and dream about) Governor Palin’s irrelevance and then turn around to call her an elite.

As my friend, Mary Beth said:

“I can see envy from my desktop.”

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