IRS Scandal and Max Baucus

Excerpt from a recent post at Lady Liberty 1885:

Could it be possible that the catalyst for the targeting began with the Tea Party organizations in Senator Max Baucus’ Montana?

Montana Shrugged, one such organization, was starting to be quite the “nuisance” to Senator Baucus as early as March of 2010. Mind you, the Citizens United case had just been heard and decided  on two weeks prior to Montana Shrugged holding demonstrations in Montana. Citizens United drew the ire of President Obama, who during the State of the Union, called out the Justices displaying his disapproval with the decision.  Another organization getting under Max Baucus’ skin at this time was American Tradition Partnership, who was working directly with a few Montana Tea Party Organizations.

Bear in mind that Senator Baucus is the Senate Finance Committee Chairman and has taken up the charge to get to the bottom of this scandal. Baucus also sits on the Joint Committee on Taxation. Baucus himself has warned there will be more revelations:

“I have a hunch that a lot more is going to come out, frankly. It’s broader than the current focus. And I think it’s important that we have the hearings, and I think that will encourage other information to come out that has not yet come out. I suspect that we will learn more in the next several days, maybe the next couple three weeks which adds more context to all of this.” [Source: Washington Examiner]

Ever hear of the man who was being run out of town? He raced to the front and pretended he was leading a parade. The same analogy might fit here, but time will tell.

I found Lady Liberty 1885 by accident — a link in a comment on a post on American Thinker. LL1885 has a load of interesting material — check it out.

The American Thinker post was good, too: Thomas Lifson’s The Complete IRS Scandal Timeline in Spreadsheet Format.

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