LA Times Writer Loses It Over Gov. Palin’s NRA Speech

Robin Abcarian of the LA Times covered Governor Palins RightOnline speech last year. While reporting on the event, Abcarian couldn’t help herself from making a passive aggressive comment about Governor Palin’s Star of David necklace claiming it was “perhaps in deference to the locale’s proprietor, Sheldon Adelson, the Republican mega-donor whose support for Israel has driven his politics”

Of course, that wasn’t the case. You don’t have to be a supporter of Governor Palin’s to know that she’s always been a major proponent and friend of Israel’s.  Nevertheless, Abcarian made the shot and Whitney called it out.

But those were the days when seemingly-balanced writers would report while taking opportunity to make little pot shots.  Well, times have changed and Robin Abcarian’s passive aggression for Governor Palin has turned into full blown rage.  This time, Abcarian forgets her role.  Instead of the one reporting on Houston’s NRA Event, she mirrors the juvenile Palin-deranged who lurk in the comments sections of liberal publications by all of those folks from those other blogs who create multiple screennames, sign in from different devices, and reply to all of their varying personalities.

Abcarian begins:

“The message is: If you feel devastated about the slaughters of Sandy Hook, or Aurora, or Tucson, instead of trying to prevent crazy people from acquiring weapons, you should do something constructive.

Like pray.”

With specificity, she mentioned Chris Cox who said that “while we pray for God to comfort those suffering unimaginable pain, they rush to microphones and cameras, gather in war rooms on Capitol Hill and scheme about how to use that suffering to push their political agenda.”

Abcarian replies:

“Yeah, that makes sense.

I can definitely see where praying is much more effective than trying to pass universal background checks for gun purchases, limit the size of magazines or ban assault weapons.”

Obviously, this a condescending swipe to those bitter clingers who have families, guns, and Bibles. Those are also the taxpayers who never commit crimes, who raise families, stimulate the economy, and usually carry the consequences of a government ripe with crony capitalism and corruption on their shoulders.

Yes, Governor Palin also promotes prayer.  However, Abcarian turns to the easy answer of completely disregarding all speakers who did in fact offer up solutions.  Instead of mentioning those or trying to refute them, she chooses to condescend to prayer which even her readers have to recognize as an easy out.

Further, Cox didn’t suggest prayer as the solution to ending ILLEGAL gun violence (though it certainly wouldn’t hurt).  He suggested using prayer to console those who suffer the unimaginable — losing a loved one at the hands of people who hate civility, who hate law, and who hate freedom.

Governor Palin spoke specifically about taking steps to reverse a culture created by left-wing politicians and their friends in the media like Abcarian.  She explained how these folks often hide behind the First Amendment to defend certain behaviors which contribute to “freedom destroying itself.” When societal problems created by liberalism begin to surface, the politicians don’t ask the hard questions.  Rather, they create easy answers to cater to anti-gun lobbyists by promoting new, onerous laws to further burden the lawful.

Governor Palin mentioned these “easy answers” of D.C.  They’re “easy” because the left knows if they pass, decent Americans who already follow all the current laws on the books will follow the news ones despite their constitutional lacking.  However; the same criminals and mentally ill who obtain guns illegally are not going to follow suit.  It’s not only a feckless disregard for our Second Amendment, but it’s frankly a waste of taxpayer resources when politicians sit around trying to come up with such idiotic “solutions.”

Asking the tough questions requires observing the tragedies to follow patterns.  Columbine, Aurora, Sandy Hook, Tucson were committed by one group of people: young, impressionable males who seemingly grew up with access to education that Democrats love to say we need to spend more money on, with access to free birth control, and much, much more.

These men reflect something ugly about the culture created by the elites, who seem to want freedom destroyed.  This is why they choose to go after the innocent’s constitutional rights in response to  tragedy in lieu of doing the work that we pay them to do.

While ignoring the substance of the discussion, she further takes issue with Governor Palin speaking against the “politics of emotion.”  Describing it to her readers, she says:

“On Planet NRA, only people who love guns are allowed to act on their emotions. Everybody else, not so much.”

However, if your first-grader died in a hail of bullets in the classroom, you, and the president who agrees with you about limits on gun ownership, are expected to shut up and grieve in silence.

You can’t be trusted to understand the gun debate.

You’re too emotional.”

Governor Palin didn’t rail against emotion itself.  She discussed politicians who use emotion to skirt around the Constitution, like President Obama.  As Abcarian describes, you’d believe Governor Palin suggested that a mother of a lost first-grader should “shut up” altogether.

I know Abcarian listened to Governor Palin’s entire speech, but here’s what the Governor said along with discussing the politics of emotion.

“We can use a bit more emotion by the way about what goes on every single day in the cities of Chicago or New York.”

No, this “emotion” was lacking when children for years were senselessly murdered by illegal gun violence in cities where gun control is as strict as Abcarian would love it to be everywhere.  If Abcarian brought this up, it would put her in the position of having deal with the truth she doesn’t want to face.  So she skips it, because reporting on it would require the tough questions Governor Palin spoke of.

On Planet Elite, it’s impossible to respect those who died for our freedoms in the past at the hands of those who hate freedom and to simultaneously feel emotion for first-graders killed at the hands of others who hate it as well.

The difference is, people like Abcarian support further eroding of our liberties to get one step closer to controlling society to the way they see fit.  That’s not having emotion for those first-graders, Ms. Abcarian.  That’s called having a hidden agenda.

Governor Palin held a much-needed mirror up to elitists who think they know better and who’d rather give in to criminals who hate order and freedom in America by giving them what they want.  We will not let the actions of a few dictate the rights of millions of others.  That is the only position that embodies common sense and carries a lot more respect for the true emotions felt by those who suffer such losses.  To do anything else is cheap exploitation and as Governor Palin said, “it’s destructive and it must stop.”

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