More video highlights from today’s IRS hearing; Update: “Is this still America?”

Rep. Mike Kelly’s applause generating monologue at the expense of outgoing IRS Commissioner Steve Miller was probably the highlight of today’s Ways & Means Committee hearing.  But it was by no means the only noteworthy moment. Here are three more in no particular order.

First, via the Washington Examiner, in response to a question from Rep. Schock, Miller refuses to say whether or not it’s appropriate for the IRS to require a 501(c)(3) applicant to detail the content of the members of their organization’s prayers.

Second, via Real Clear Politics, in a Q & A with Rep. Reichert, Miller does a fantastic Eric Holder impression. You’ll have to listen to this for yourself as it’s a bit difficult to follow. I think he’s saying that he didn’t know who was responsible for the targeting of Tea Party groups but (after repeated questioning from Congressman Reichert) he eventually allows that he did deign to ask a “senior technical advisor” by the name of Nancy Marks. And what did Nancy Marks tell him in response to what, for any reasonably competent IRS Commissioner, would be an extremely important question? Naturally, Miller can’t remember. That fits right in with the Obama “I know nothing, I hear nothing, I see nothing” managerial paradigm we’ve come to expect over the last four years, heh.

Third, and the statement I found the most chilling, is Miller’s contention that “it is absolutely not illegal” for the IRS to single out groups and individual citizens for their political beliefs. This is also courtesy of Real Clear Politics:

Update II: Rep. Kevin Brady (fantastic last name) asks Miller an excellent question: “Is this still America?”

Update II: (h/t Hot Air) All I can say is wow.  Even Chris Tingles isn’t buying Miller’s shuck and jive.

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