Scarborough: “Howlers” on far right should listen to RINO’s like me

Typical Scarborough: Repeat Democrat talking points about how Republicans need to become Democrats if they want to win elections; just listen to GOP “strategists” such as perennial loser Mike Murphy and all will be well. It’s laughable to listen to Scarborough lecture Republicans on winning. His victories came in a heavily gerrymandered district in the Florida panhandle before he quit a mere five months into his term under bizarre circumstances. This, presumably, qualifies the man who was nowhere to be seen during the Republican blowout of 2010 to offer advice on how Republicans can win elections. Whatever, Joe. Funny how all the liberals on Morning Joe, who want nothing less than the complete destruction of the Republican Party, agree with Scarborough on what the Republican Party needs to do to save itself.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: According to these “howlers” on the far right, they are such a minority. Sure, you know, 12 of them go out and they vote in these Congressional primary races — never enough to win presidential races. So, the party just has to decide: do you ever want to be in the White House again or not? It’s very simple.

I like winning, I’m different. I definitely am a RINO in that respect, my dear howling friends. I like to win. In fact, I do win. That’s just what I do. I go out — I don’t know if you knew this or not — the idea in elections is to get more votes than the other side. (Morning Joe, May 28, 2013)

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