The IRS scandal’s connection to Obamacare

A couple days ago we noted that the individual, Sarah Hall Ingram, who oversaw the IRS unit responsible for illegally targeting conservative organizations was promoted, by this fool, to director of the agency’s new Obamacare office. In that position, Ingram will be in charge of literally thousands of new IRS agents whose only task will be to examine millions of individual’s and businesses to make sure they’re complying with the roughly 20,000 pages (see below) of regulations contained in Obama’s signature “achievement”.


Ingram, presumably, will administer these taxpayer root canals with the same impartiality and competence which characterized her tenure as head of the tax-exempt organizations unit prior to her promotion. Who knows, maybe she’ll receive another $100,000 in taxpayer-financed bonuses for her fantastic work. I digress. Yesterday the Washington Free Beacon’s Ellison Barber discussed the folly of putting Ms. Ingram in charge of the Obamacare unit with Amy Holmes of the Blaze:

Is there any accountability at all in government? In the private sector, these people would be fired for incompetence … or worse. But in Obama’s Washington, they get promoted and we, as taxpayers, foot the bill. There’s no way Ingram should be anywhere near Obamacare. And yet, unless something changes (I’m doubtful), she’ll be in charge of enforcing it. Is there any wonder confidence in our government is at an historic low?




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