Thomas Sowell | With lies, as with potato chips, it’s hard to stop with just one

There can be honest differences of opinion on many subjects. But there can  also be dishonest differences. Last week’s testimony under oath about events in  Benghazi on September 11, 2012 makes painfully clear that what the Obama  administration told the American people about those events were lies out of  whole cloth.

What we were told repeatedly last year by the President of the United States,  the Secretary of State, and the American ambassador to the U.N., was that there  was a protest demonstration in Benghazi against an anti-Islamic video produced  by an American, and that this protest demonstration simply escalated out of  control.

This “spontaneous protest” story did not originate in Libya but in  Washington. Neither the Americans on duty in Libya during the attack on the  consulate in Benghazi, nor officials of the Libyan government, said anything  about a protest demonstration.

The highest American diplomat on the scene in Libya spoke directly with  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by phone, and told her that it was a  terrorist attack. The president of Libya announced that it was a terrorist  attack. The C.I.A. told the Obama administration that it was a terrorist  attack.

With lies, as with potato chips, it is hard to stop with just one. After the  “spontaneous protest” story was discredited, the next claim was that this was  the best information available at the time from intelligence sources.


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