Todd Palin Speaks to Breitbart Sports

Kevin Scholla interviewed Todd Palin for Breitbart Sports yesterday. Here’s an excerpt:

Todd Palin told Breitbart Sports the thrill of this race and all that comes with it is like no other.

“We were with hundreds of thousands of people cheering, enjoying the race, and honoring the military,” Palin said. “It’s America at its best. Sarah and I had a great time today.”

Before the race, the Palins took part in a ceremony for Jones. “It was an unbelievable privilege to watch Parnelli honored for the anniversary of his win here in 1963,” Todd Palin said. “To hang out with Parnelli Jones, Bobby Unser, and Walker Evans is an honor. I mean that’s the greatest generation. These guys are such great role models. I could listen to their stories all day long.”

Although snow machines and Indy cars are very different, as an Iron Dog racing champion, there are some similarities to which Todd Palin can relate.

“The whole package of getting sponsors, assembling teams and crews, choosing drivers, I appreciate it,” Palin said. “I’m just impressed with the whole operation.”

Now that the Palins have taken in the Indianapolis 500 and NASCAR races, perhaps this Iron Dog veteran will get a chance sometime to get behind the wheel of a race car.

“Hopefully one day I can go around the track somewhere,” Palin said. “It just looks like fun.”

You can read the entire piece here.

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