Tony Lee: Palin Rallies 2nd Admendment Defenders: Never Give Up in Face of MSM, D.C. Ridicule

Breitbart’s Tony Lee has a fantastic write-up of Governor Palin’s speech yesterday at the NRA-ILA:

“The Washington establishment sneers at you and you don’t give up,” Palin said. “The lamestream media just plain doesn’t get you and you don’t give you up, and you don’t retreat.”

Once again, Palin showed why her message not only resonates, but why she is such an effective messenger in an age when the media is fragmented.

Successful politicians are the ones who drive beat writers who cover them crazy by repeating the same lines at every event. George W. Bush, who won two terms as president, was famous for doing that. But in this age, when people do not actually have to go to campaign events or turn on the evening news to hear a politician speak, successful candidates have to not only have a consistent message. They have to have something that keeps audiences interested. With Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, a politician who keeps repeating the same message in their stump speech often becomes stale.

And again on Friday, Palin showed why she is not. She used a tin of chewing tobacco to again mock New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg like she did at CPAC with her Big Gulp. She quoted Shakespeare and securely made fun of herself for being known more for rallying and leading the troops more than discussing Shakespeare at an Ivy League debating society. She usually gets the optics right, like she did on Friday by wearing a “Women hunt” shirt from Under Armour.

But as always, the core of her message did not change. She heartily thanked the audience for their courage, convincing them that she is of them and a fighter for them.

She said “what keeps us optimistic,” “what keeps us reloading,” what “keeps us going” was the spirit of millions of Americans who just do not give up while the elites in the media and political establishment ridicule them for standing up for freedom and Second Amendment rights.

In every speech, Palin does something different, off-script, and unexpected while keeping her core message of free market populism for the working class consistent, ensuring the speech is covered while her message gets delivered to working class Americans who hear these in a way that elites who cover her and the establishment that scorns her do not because they are so removed from America’s working class.

She slammed the mainstream media for not covering Kermit Gosnell’s trial and Hollywood for promoting violence in its movies and using the profits to finance gun-grabbing campaigns. She said both institutions are not responsibly exercising their freedoms and helping freedom destroy itself.

Invoking John Adams and Margaret Thatcher, Palin said freedom will destroy itself if not exercised properly, and she said that is what is happening in Washington.

She said: “So we have to ask ourselves: Are we creating a culture can can live and thrive in freedom?”

I encourage you to read it all.

Also of note are the write-ups by Kevin Scholla and AWR Hawkins:

Looking out over the crowd of NRA members and attendees, Palin said: “As the mother of a combat vet. As an independent Alaskan. As a lifetime member of the NRA, and as an American. This fight is about what kind of people we are.” She said she wants her little son Trig to grow up in a country that remains “exceptional”–a country that is “strong, and good, and decent, and free.”

As she closed, Palin said, “This is a good fight and I’m proud to be part of it.”



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