A Hollywood Republican: ‘We Owe Sarah Palin An Apology’

Tom Donelson over at A Hollywood Republican describes the national perils stemming from an elitist class of folks trashing Governor Palin as well as the media and others choosing to ignore her warnings on death panels.

He writes:

We saw the future of the Obamacare death Panel when Kathleen Sebelius denied ten year old Sarah Murnaghans a lung transplant before a Judge overturned the decision.  Sarah Palin’s observations about how the Independent Payment Advisory Board would work as a death panel can no longer be debated.  Sarah Palin was right on Obamacare having a defacto death panel in 2009.

David Rivkin and Elizabeth Foley in a recent Wall Street Journal article demonstrated  how this board will ration health  and care but noted, “The ObamaCare law also stipulates that there “shall be no administrative or judicial review” of the board’s decisions.  Its members will be nearly untouchable, too.  They will be Presidentialy nominated and Senate-confirmed, but after that they can only be fired for “neglect of duty or malfeasance in office….  The IPAB’s godlike powers are not accidental.  Its goal, conspicuously proclaimed by the Obama administration, is to control Medicare spending in ways that are insulated from the political process.”  Sarah Palin was right about the Death Panel and I suspect as one pundit recently noted; we would be better off with a President Sarah Palin.

Can anyone imagine a Palin Administration with a politicized IRS going after political opponents.  Or, that President Palin would have allowed an American Ambassador to be murdered without attempting to do something?  Somehow, I couldn’t imagine a President Palin telling the world, some filmmaker hack was responsible for this disaster.  As it is, the only one in jail for this crime is the filmmaker while those truly guilty still roam the streets of Libya unmolested.


Sarah Palin has been destroyed by much of the media.  Many in the GOP joined this destruction.  I am going against conventional wisdom and stating what should be obvious – we would be better off in a second administration of a President Palin as opposed to a second administration of President Obama.  I suspect that much of our basic political rights would be better protected.  Right now, we have an NSA spying mechanism that appeared to exceed what was done by the Bush administration.  An IRS that attacks political opponents.  An EPA or Department of Energy that does more to inhibit our energy development.  And, an HHS that is presently forcing health care companies to subsidize Obamacare.  I could go on but Obama has produced a health care plan that will increase government control over our health care while weakening the world’s best health care system.  And, this is the worst recovery since the Great Depression.  Only Obama could be congratulated for producing a recovery where there are millions less jobs.  And, the Middle Class have seen their income drop.  Sarah Palin would not have done worse.  We owe her an apology and we are poorer for the political destruction of Sarah Palin!

There is more here.

It’s nice Donelson is willing to step up and say what is true.  Yet, I’d like to point out that while folks have had her “political destruction” in mind, realistically she’s only just getting started.  Every election year where congressional elections are concerned, she’s only proving to be more and more effective.  In fact, while the establishment’s golden boy tanked in the last national election, many of her endorsed Senate candidates made it past the finish line.

If D.C. would listen to her, he’s right, we’d be a lot less “poorer” today.

I am grateful for folks like Donelson who seem to understand that it’s less about ego and more about working together for what’s truly right for the country.




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