@AGUGrizzlies: Stop The #BootStompingBigGovt More #ShowYourSupportForLiberty Pics


Yesterday Governor Sarah Palin called on concerned citizens to show their support for #Liberty by posting pictures of the apparently banned pro-America books our boot stomping big government is demonizing during the fundamental transformation of our country.

Twitter has been…well…all a twitter, with the new hashtag: #ShowYourSupportForLiberty

Have you made your #ShowYourSupportForLiberty pic?

Here are some of the pictures that are floating around on the web now:

Liberty Books Isabel Face

Liberty Books Bila


Liberty Books Youth


Liberty Books R Paul


Liberty Books Palin


Libery Books Atlas


Liberty Books Youth II


Liberty Books Reagan


Liberty Books Another Dog I


Liberty Books Grit resize


Liberty Books Irma


Liberty Books Devito


Liberty Books Dog


Liberty Books Gulag

It’s not too late to show your support for #Liberty and take a stand against the Big Government Boot Stomping Fundamental Transformation of America!

Use the hashtag: #ShowYourSupportForLiberty

Our work continues.

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