Ahead Of Her Time

It is quite common for people who are ahead of their time to be roundly criticized, mocked, and even ridiculed for the things they say or do before it is recognized by the masses that they were right all along.  Governor Palin is no stranger to this, as she has been ridiculed by the smart people for being an unserious demagogue and a dolt.  Never mind the fact that many of the things she predicts will happen do happen, and the things she does set a trend.  We saw yet another example of her being vindicated earlier today.

There is no need to go into how many times in the past Governor Palin has been proven right about her death panels claim.  Even though back in 2009, Politi-fact, the left-wing advocacy group disguised as an objective fact checking organization called it the lie of the year, people on both sides of the political aisle have admitted, sometimes begrudgingly or unwittingly, that Governor Palin was right.  But, today was especially chilling.  The news of a 10 year old girl in need of a lung transplant had received much national attention.  Our HHS Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, has refused to waive a government regulation that could give her a chance to survive.  Michelle posted about it here, and Governor Palin herself threw in her two cents on the issue.

Now, the fact that any government bureaucrat has the power for making these kinds of decisions is bad enough, but the fact that Kathleen Sebelius is doing it is even worse.  She is the ultra left-wing former Governor of Kansas and was one of the most pro-abortion chief executives in the country.  She was an ally of the late Dr. George Tiller, who did thousands of partial birth abortions in his Wichita clinic.  Basically, he was Kermit Gosnell, only more efficient in killing babies, and possibly a bit more sanitary.  Here is Sebelius with Tiller:


Sebelius doesn’t seem to have much regard for unborn children, so is it any wonder she would refuse to waive a government regulation to give a sick 10 year old girl a chance at survival, no matter how small it may be?  This is what happens when you put the government in charge of health care decisions.  We’ll see more of this as time goes on.  Governor Palin was right in 2009, and she is right today.  I’m not holding my breath for an apology from Politi-fact and the others.

There have been many other issues where Governor Palin spoke out on the destructive policies or proposals of our government before anyone else seemed to.  Sometimes a year or two before anyone else did.  She was oftentimes called crazy or just plain stupid for doing so.  Whether it was using Obamacare to try and infringe on 2nd Amendment rights, or infringing 2nd Amendment rights in general,  saying printing money out of thin air would devalue the dollar, pointing out the fat strings attached to the 2009 stimulus bill, or large section of her 2008 RNC speech where she laid out what Obama would do to damage this country, she has been proven right when the smart people said she was an idiot.

Issues are not the only place where Governor Palin has proven to be ahead of her time.  The biggest example of this is the effective use of social media.  Remember, the death panels comment in 2009 was not made on a Sunday talk show or written in a think tank position paper.  It was written in a Facebook post.  Back then, the Gov was criticized and made fun of for using social media tools such as Twitter to get her message out.  How can you be a serious political figure when you post op-eds on a website where teenagers post pictures of their most recent night out or give an opinion on a major issue in 140 characters or less, they asked.  What a difference a few short years makes.  Today, there is not one national politician or wannabe national politician who does not have a major presence on Twitter.  In fact, if you are a politician and not actively engaged on Twitter with your supporters or constituents on a regular basis, you don’t matter.  Hell, we can say you are what Governor Palin’s detractors allege her to be: irrelevant.  Palin saw the changes in the way people consume information and also realized the MSM sucked and was not going to give her a fair shake.  So, why not talk to the people directly, and bypass the MSM?  It worked, and still does.  Many dismissed her use of it back then.  Now, everyone uses it.

We can go on and on and on with more examples about how Governor Palin was ridiculed for a statement or action, only to later be proven right or a trend setter.  But she’s the idiot?  Got it.   The smart people will tell us what is right or trendy.  Governor Palin will continue to speak out on the issues.   And they will continue to call the Gov stupid, crazy, or a nitwit.  She will eventually be proven right yet again.  Then, we get to point and laugh at them.  Not a bad trade-off, if you ask me.

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