Conflicting Media Reports Drive NBC ‘Batcrap Crazy’

The latest article by Kasie Hunt at NBC seems to attempt doing what the media has tried doing since 2008 by claiming that Governor Palin’s “star has faded.”

Coupling Michele Bachmann’s decision to decline seeking another term in Congress with Governor Palin’s current existence, Hunt states:

Michele Bachmann’s taking a bow. Sarah Palin’s star has faded. With the brassy, blow-dried bombasts of the GOP moving to the sidelines, there’s no elected heir apparent to inherit the mantle and carry the conservative crusade forward on the national stage.


It may be for the best, say some of the GOP operatives who have been pushing the party to rebrand itself after its 2012 losses.

She goes on to quote one of those operatives:

“They and their style gives short shrift to other women in the GOP,” said Sara Taylor Fagen, a longtime Republican strategist who worked on Mitt Romney’s first presidential campaign. “And so the risk for the party is when they become the only face. It does have the possibility of alienating groups of women, and that is a challenge.”

The fact that this “Republican strategist” worked on Romney’s first campaign where he lost the primary which eventually prepped him to lose an entire general election in a later year pretty much speaks for itself.  Ms. Hunt should choose carefully which strategists she seeks insight from.

The article moves to discussing Susanna Martinez and Kelly Ayotte.  But when you add Deb Fischer and Nikki Haley to that, one is continued to be amazed whenever Governor Palin’s influence is questioned when the very candidates she got into office are looked to as possibilities for the party’s future.

As Stacy questioned earlier when we were reading through it, how many more years can C4P spend factually debunking this nonsensical narrative?  It’s been regurgitated almost as much as Governor Palin has defied it.

I reminded Kasie Hunt:

Of course, I referenced the “Loaded for Bear” video.  In it, journalists and commentators galore are showcased praising Governor Palin’s influence and these commentators come from every stripe of the politicial spectrum.  That video was released in very recent months.

In addition to that, an extremely recent article over at Politico says the following:

Yes, there is life after Fox News.

Sarah Palin “parted ways” with the network in January.

Politico claims that “Palin’s life after Fox has been just as influential” and quotes another Republican operative who begs to differ with the one Katie Hunt talked with.

Even without a formal arrangement, Palin still gets her name out there often on Fox News, with 135 mentions in the past 90 days on the network, according to TVEyes. And Fox News has hardly blacklisted her as a news subject — Palin’s comments on social media and her speeches at the Conservative Political Action Conference and the recent National Rifle Association convention in Texas have been clipped and discussed on the network.

Strategist, Liz Mair says:

“I think her objective was to make traditional media filters fairly irrelevant for her purposes, and I think she’s actually succeeded pretty well in doing that,” Mair added. “In many regards, she has succeeded in building those tools and getting away from traditional media dominance in a way that is highly enviable to those on both sides of the aisle.”

Fox News was never “the foundation of her public personality at all,” Mair said. “If somebody took Facebook or Twitter away from Sarah Palin, then that would have a significant impact on her media profile.”

“Highly enviable to those on both sides of the aisle” does not describe the power one possesses when their star is fading.  For all of the “assclowns” that exist within the media and inside-political circles, Mair hits it on the head when she describes Governor Palin making “traditional media filers” the ones who are truly irrelevant where she is concerned (like NBC or writers like Kasie Hunt).  They know this, but for some reason continue to resist waving the white flag.

They’ll never understand that what they wish for becomes that much more unreachable the harder they try to force it.

Further, there is this reported by Newsmax very recently:

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has been offered a major syndicated TV talk show by reality-show producer Mark Burnett but turned down the deal, Newsmax has learned.

One of the country’s sought-after speakers on the political circuit, Palin, Burnett believed,  could be turned into the next Oprah. He offered to produce a daytime TV talk show hosted by the conservative icon herself.

But so far, Palin has said no — though the deal is not completely dead, say insiders.

…because according to Kasie Hunt, people who are offered nationally-syndicated television shows by major producers like Mark Burnett are apparently “faded.”

Sadly, the true revelation to all of this is that poor Michele Bachmann can barely carry her own headline since the media will do anything it can to bring up Governor Palin’s name.  Aside from the fact that Governor Palin and Bachmann are both Republicans, brunettes, and share some similar conservative positions, the two really have nothing to do with each other in the current.

While I appreciate moments of Bachmann’s service with regard to our Constitution and fighting Obama’s fundamental transformation of our nation, she’s simply not the conservative populist Governor Palin is as evidenced by the fact that very little Palin articles garner a mention of Bachmann as opposed to the other way around.

Governor Palin’s been able to brilliantly infiltrate liberal stomping grounds like Hollywood, sporting events, and black-tie affairs filled with people who trash her by day but suck up to her in person.  As such, she’s able to carry enough clout to get national attention for speaking at a small town’s high school graduation and she can continue taking conservatives outside of our comfort zone to engage more Americans eager to move America to its brightest days.

Regardless of what Governor Palin does, you can be sure that the media elites will continue to chase their tails where she’s concerned.

As such, the only thing fading seems to be their credibility.

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