E.J. Dionne | I do not like Michele Bachmann

In fact, Bachmannism is far from finished. The Minnesota right-winger  deserves to be memorialized with an “ism” because she perfected a tactic  well-suited to the current media environment: continually toss out outlandish,  baseless charges, and, eventually, some of them will enter the mainstream media  — if, at first, only in the form of “coverage” of what conservative radio  shows, websites or Fox News are talking about.

You don’t have to bat 1.000 or even .350 in this game. Get just a handful of  your accusations and strange takes on reality into the political bloodstream and  you’ve won.

Bachmann’s method is now common currency. And here’s the beautiful thing:  even as the regular media does some of your work for you, you lambaste the very  same media. This only creates more pressure on them to cover you.


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