Eric Golub: ‘Joan Walsh and Sarah Palin-A Study in Contrasts’

Eric Golub of the Washington Times added his opinion to the #SKREEEE penned by Joan Walsh of Salon:



Palin’s latest sin is returning to Fox News as an analyst. A private citizen accepted an offer from a private organization to offer opinions on issues, just as Walsh does, but to a much smaller audience and for much lower pay. Naturally, Walsh doesn’t see this as just business, but as an expression of deep-seated bigotry. If Fox wants Palin as an analyst, and if Palin is willing to accept, it’s only because both sides see the opportunity to tap into a tide of racism: “Palin’s star really is rising again, at a time of heightened racial insecurity on the white far-right.”

The insecurity is economic, not racial. People need jobs, and neither the Caucasian or the black half of President Obama has been able to create them.


“Using her trademark sex appeal. You kind of have to see it ? her hair has never been bigger …”

Attacking Palin’s hair? Are we in junior high school? Feminists scream sexism when men notice their looks, but Walsh is a master at cattiness and degrading her sisters.

Why is Walsh obsessed with Palin in ways that make Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction seem like a friendly neighbor? Why does she spend every column attacking others rather than write something positive about anything?

Most importantly, why not just ignore Walsh?

Walsh should not be ignored. She is a bully, and the only way to deal with bullies is to confront them head on.

Read the entire piece here.


I know some wonder why it’s worth it to respond to these scurrilous attacks by the likes of Kathleen Parker and Joan Walsh. Golub nails it in the bold portion. Walsh and Parker are Mean Girls. And if no one pushes back at them, they’ll keep picking away. For me, it’s bigger than just Walsh’s nastiness toward Gov. Palin. It’s Walsh and Parker reinforcing every stereotype about women. I’m not out to convince them that they’re wrong. They’re not going to change. I’m out to convince them that the next time they sit down to write a vicious slam book screed with a glass of Zinfandel held haughtily in their callous free hand–a lot of people are going to be there ready to return verbal fireworks.


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