Faux Conservative Desperately Tries to Get Attention By Trashing Governor Palin

There is a new faux conservative in town, and I have a feeling we may be hearing from this little twerp more as time goes on.  His name is Jeb Golinkin.  I imagine we will eventually be seeing him on TV as a “Republican strategist,” where he tells us uneducated rubes what conservatives really need to do to win elections.  Leave all the deep thinking to us, he’ll say, it’s way too complicated for all of you nobodies.

I had never heard of Jeb until about ten days ago, when he wrote a hit piece on Governor Palin upon her return to FOX News.  This is a guy who thinks Mitt Romney was a great Presidential candidate who simply did not run a great campaign.  But what do you expect from a guy who worked for David Frum for three years and refers to him as his mentor.  Yes, the new kid in town who believes he knows best on how to build the conservative movement is a protege of David Frum.  I’ll let you all stop laughing before I continue.  Anyways, the previous smear on Governor Palin did not get him a gig on CNN or MSNBC, so he figured he would have to scream out for more attention today with another condescending, intellectually dishonest hit piece on the Gov.    This was in response to Palin’s op-ed over the weekend voicing her opposition to the amnesty bill coming up before the Senate.

Here is how Jeb starts his piece:

It’s easy and tiresome to trash Sarah Palin as an uneducated embarrassment to the Republican Party (a party of which I am a member). But when the great anti-intellectual takes ridiculously simple-minded shots at Marco Rubio for supporting immigration reform, something needs to be said.

He claims it is tiresome to trash Governor Palin, but he has the energy to do it twice in about 10 days.  Then, he manages to use the terms uneducated and anti-intellectual in the same paragraph when describing her.  First off, whenever I hear or read someone say that Governor Palin is stupid, I know right off the bat that they possess at most 50% of her intelligence.  Jeb has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is no exception.  And, whenever I hear someone use the term anti-intellectual, I know they are a smug, elitist d-bag, where going to a twin bill Yanni and Nickelback music concert would be more desirable than spending five minutes with him or her.

The last sentence of his first paragraph claims Palin took simple minded shots at Rubio over the immigration bill.  What was simple minded about Palin’s critique of Rubio?  She had the audacity to point out that Senator Rubio has done a complete 180 on a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.  Senate candidate Rubio in 2010 said that a path to citizenship was code word for amnesty.  Now he fully supports it.  You see, to smart people like Jeb, pointing out someone’s own words is stupid and mean if it goes against his beliefs.  Now, that was the specific shot she took at Rubio.  Jeb can’t really tackle that one head on, so he claimed she was being simple minded towards Rubio in other areas.  Let’s look at what he says next:

The Sunshine State News asked the former Alaska governor to comment on immigration reform. She took the opportunity to take a giant swing at Marco Rubio:

Just like they did with ObamaCare, some in Congress intend to “Pelosi” the amnesty bill. They’ll pass it in order to find out what’s in it. And just like the unpopular, unaffordable ObamaCare disaster, this pandering, rewarding-the-rule-breakers, still-no-border-security, special-interests-ridden, 24-pound disaster of a bill is not supported by informed Americans. [Sunshine State News]

Let’s take this particular pearl of vapid nonsense sentence by sentence. Right off the bat, Palin manages to set forth two incompatible premises in the same sentence. Her reference to “some in Congress” is clearly a shot at the Republicans looking to push the bill through, the most prominent being a young Tea Party star named Marco Rubio. Yet in taking that shot, Palin makes clear that immigration reform is not at all like ObamaCare in that ObamaCare was defined by the complete and total absence of bipartisan compromise, even during the negotiation phase. Immigration reform was heavily shaped by Republicans and is going to pass (assuming it passes) with multiple Republican votes.

When was the last time Marco Rubio was a Tea Party star??  Yes, in the 2010 Senate primary, Tea Partiers supported him over Charlie Crist.  But many grassroots conservatives, myself included, were somewhat skeptical of Rubio, especially after he dissed Governor Palin on the eve of the 2010 election.  If you remember, Palin was speaking at a big GOP get out the vote rally in Florida, and it was attended by many GOP big wigs.  Rubio had a “scheduling conflict,” so he did not have to appear on stage with her.  Personally, I have always seen Rubio as establishment in grassroots clothing.  I guess Jeb doesn’t know that Rubio has fallen out of favor with much of the Tea Party over his support of the amnesty bill.  He must not have read that Rubio was booed at a Tea Party rally last week, and that genuine Tea Partier Allen West has not ruled out challenging him in the 2016 Florida Senate primary.  I guess that doesn’t matter, because Jeb is really, really smart, and he has gravitas.

Jeb also seems  to lack basic reading comprehension when he says Governor Palin comparing Obamacare and the amnesty bill is stupid because the amnesty bill has some Republican support.  She did not mean it in that context at all.  Both Obamacare and the amnesty bill are about 800 million pages long.  Because of the size of the legislation, not only does no one know every detail of the bill, it’s impossible to know the consequences of the bill once fully implemented.  The implementation of Obamacare is and will continue to be a total disaster.  Is Jeb really that naive to think the amnesty bill won’t have unintended consequences that people can’t even fathom today?   I guess he is.

Is Jeb also ignorant enough to believe Republicans are heavily involved in crafting this bill?  Yes, half of the Gang of 8 are in the GOP, but the bill is being run by Chuck Schumer, one of the main architects of the 1986 amnesty disaster, and behind the scenes by the White House.  Nothing gets put in the bill or taken out without the express approval of Schumer or the White House.  Everyone knows that.

He continues his word vomit:

Palin then claims that immigration reform is like ObamaCare because it is expensive. CBO actually disagrees with Palin on this particular point. Last week, CBO released its finding that if Senate Bill 744 were enacted, changes in direct spending and revenues “would decrease federal budget deficits by $197 billion over the 2014-2023 period.” Now, there are genuine quibbles over the long-term deficit impact of permitting citizenship, but the notion that only liberal economists are pushing for immigration reform is, well, incorrect. Palin may never have heard of him, but Douglas Holtz Eakin is a conservative economist of unimpeachable credentials (among other things, he headed CBO during the Bush administration). He absolutely shredded CBO’s work relating to ObamaCare. But on immigration reform, he is decidedly more bullish. So much for Palin’s economic critique.

While Jeb concedes quite a few people disagree with the CBO scoring, he has to try to make Palin look bad, so he picks one right of center economist to fit his narrative.  Heritage has done some good studies on the cost of the amnesty bill here.  While it is impossible to predict the exact cost of a bill in future years, one thing is for sure: big government programs are always much more expensive than anyone projects.  Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Obamacare, welfare, you name it.  But, Jeb actually believes the amnesty bill will cut the deficit.  But, but, but…Palin is stupid.

Then, he really doubles down on stupidity and hackery with this gem:

What about special interests? Like all bills, interested parties are vigorously participating. That alone tells us nothing. But unlike ObamaCare, the business community is firmly behind immigration reform. The Chamber of Commerce, for one, is bankrolling a massive ad campaign in support of reform. Being Republicans, we theoretically support free markets, so it is difficult to see why we would want to deny the business community the opportunity to hire laborers who go through the process of becoming citizens, especially given that we want to create jobs. The way that happens is to create the conditions to allow businesses to thrive.

You see, big businesses can’t possibly be special interests and they never get involved in cronyism.  Oh, yeah, and they always support the free market.  Okay.  Jeb is also completely ignorant of recent history.  Where does he get his information that no one in the business community supported Obamacare?  Many insurers and big pharma supported the bill because they thought the next government program would be very healthy for their bottom line.  Jeb seems to be another one of those Republicans who equate big business with the free market.  And I guess he doesn’t have much concern for the millions upon millions of American citizens who can’t find work now and the small businesses who are unable to expand because of the current economic climate.  But that doesn’t matter, because some businesses are behind the bill, so it must be good.

Jeb continues with his incoherent word puke a bit more, but you get the drift.  Follow the link above if you feel like punishing yourself by reading his entire piece.

I have said many times that I don’t expect all right of center people to think Governor Palin is the greatest thing since sliced bread.  But, everyone on our side sure as hell better show her some damn respect.  She has more than earned it.  People like Jeb and his ilk haven’t done squat.  Jeb claims to be a conservative who wants to build a better conservative movement.  Bull.  He wants to purge the conservative movement of conservatives and redefine conservatism as some wishy-washy Democrat lite ideology.  One reason our side loses elections is because of useful idiots like him.

I have never been an advocate for some sore of purity test for the conservative movement, and I am certainly not arrogant enough to believe I should be the one to devise such a test if one did exist.  Our movement has basic core principles, but we will not all agree on every issue.  That’s fine.  It’s great to welcome a diverse group of people to the cause of individual liberty and freedom.  However, I have no tolerance for people like Jeb Golinkin.  They pretend to be conservative when they are anything but.  It is my desire to purge the movement of his ilk, because they are a cancer.  Their smug elitism and I-know-better-than-you attitude makes my skin crawl.  I want these people gone, and I will do whatever small part I can to make that happen.

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