I Interrupt My Vacation For A Word About Sarah Palin

Cynthia Ruccia of Women Win Too, posted these thoughts regarding Joan Walsh’s SKREEEEE!!! against Gov. Sarah Palin:



So I was catching up on the news from home when this odious piece landed in my inbox, and until I comment I won’t be able to eat another luscious scamorza fresca, a fioroni fig, or anything else until I get this off my chest.


I see sexism at every turn in the insanity that Palin seems to inspire. First off, let’s begin with Walsh and her ridiculously scornful comment that Palin is using her “trademark sex appeal” to have a platform. I smell jealousy of the visceral sort. It’s an old story that for some women who are insecure about themselves that if someone does better than they do and they are pretty, that she must have gotten there because she was prettier. That is a low blow coming from someone who is supposed to be smart. That’s as crude as if someone said that man X is better than man Y because he has a bigger dick. Although that may be true in certain instances (both the male and female examples) it is beneath Walsh to even go there. But of course her audience is insane, completely off their rocker when it comes to Palin. If anyone had said that about one of their own, they’d be apoplectic and on the war path. But somehow it is ok to drop that on someone they don’t like. Hypocrites of the highest order. And Walsh shows that she couldn’t care less about women getting ahead. If she did, she wouldn’t be using that kind of example which only perpetuates sexist memes. And that meme is one of the worst.


But equally troubling is the deafening silence from the right. Where is the outrage at the sexism against one of their own? What I am seeing is that the right is also scared of her potent appeal and they want to quash it. And it seems that the best way to do it is to let the left do the dirty work. As usual I come around to my unfortunate fallback conclusion and that is that BOTH parties are incredibly sexist and that neither party wants a woman at the top. And the end result is that if women want power, they will have to grab it like anyone else. And Palin is an interesting example of how to grab it. Wherever Palin ends up, she won’t let the sexists cow her. If anything, it brings out the best in her, and we can all learn from her boldness. Kudos to her for that.


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