ICE Union President Urges ‘No’ Votes on Immigration Bill, Says Rubio ‘Misled Law Enforcement’

Aside from betraying his own rhetoric from his 2010 Senate campaign, Rubio is also reneging on commitments made to ICE officers and sheriffs.

As Governor Palin said in her latest op-ed at Breitbart, there are some big holes in this bill.  She issued a call to action.

It’s time for concerned Americans to flood our legislators’ phone lines with the input they need to hear from We the People. Join the mama grizzlies who are rearing up tirelessly to swat away false claims that amnesty is a good thing. Michelle Malkin rightly said the issue is not secure the border first, it’s “secure the border. Period.” Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter have also offered superb warnings on amnesty’s economic impacts to the middle class.

It’s our last chance to make sure this disaster does not get rammed down our throats by the permanent political class.

Here is a list of numbers.

Aside from conservatives nationwide, Governor Palin’s latest masterpiece, and others pressing DC politicians, the ICE union president is also urging lawmakers to vote “no.”

Via Daily Caller:

In advance of a critical vote Monday on a border security deal offered by  Republican Sens. Bob Coker and John Hoeven, the president of the Immigrations  and Customs Enforcement union urged senators to vote ‘no’ on the amendment.

National ICE Council President Chris Crane issued an aggressive statement  calling on lawmakers to vote “no” on the amendment to the Senate’s immigration  reform bill and called out Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio for misleading  law enforcement on promises of more interior enforcement.

“Senator Corker — a lead sponsor of the 1,200 page amendment being voted on  today — has admitted that needed interior enforcement provisions are absent.  Senator Rubio, who promised ICE officers and Sheriffs that he would take steps  to repair the bill’s provisions that gut interior enforcement, has abandoned  that commitment,” Crane said. “He directly misled law enforcement officers.”

On Thursday, Corker said that he had wanted to add more interior enforcement  but was unable to, Politico reported, speculating that objections from  Democratic senators and the White House might have prevented it.

“I do wish this amendment had some other measures relative to interior  security, but I think the House can improve this,” Politico quoted Corker. “I  think a conference can improve this. So I hope we have the opportunity down the  road to see that occur.”

According to Crane, Rubio admitted to law enforcement in private the  legislation was flawed but did nothing to change it.

“Senator Rubio left unchanged legislation that he himself admitted to us in  private was detrimentally flawed and must be changed,” Crane said. “Legislation  written behind closed doors by handpicked special interest groups which put  their political agendas and financial gains before sound and effective law and  the welfare and safety of the American public. As a result, the 1,200 page  substitute bill before the Senate will provide instant legalization and a path  to citizenship to gang members and other dangerous criminal aliens, and handcuff  ICE officers from enforcing immigration laws in the future. It provides no means  of effectively enforcing visa overstays which account for almost half of the  nation’s illegal immigration crisis.”

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