Is Marco Rubio the new Mitt Romney?

Byron York lays it out for us:

“I’m not for amnesty,” Crist said in an October 24, 2010 debate with Rubio. After first securing the border, Crist explained, “people should have to get in the back of the line, pay a fine if necessary, their back taxes, and be able to become productive members of the American economy.”

Absolutely not, answered Rubio. “‘Earned path to citizenship’ is basically code for amnesty,” he told Crist. “It is unfair to the people that have legally entered this country to create an alternative pathway for individuals who entered illegally and knowingly did so.”

Now, less than three years later, Rubio is leading a comprehensive immigration reform effort and advocating a path to citizenship for people who knowingly entered the United States illegally. To travel that path, he stresses, the border must be secured and illegal immigrants in the U.S. must “get in the back of the line, pay a fine, pay taxes.”

Does that sound familiar? Any reasonable reading of Rubio’s positions then and now leads to the conclusion that he has executed a flip-flop of Romneyesque proportions. Rubio’s flip-flop is even worse politically. While Romney switched to a position that was popular with the Republican base, Rubio has done just the opposite.

Yes he has.  Why any self-respecting conservative would ever trust this guy again is beyond me. If Rubio is willing to flip-flop so cavalierly on amnesty, what’s next? Taxes? Cap and trade? The debt-ceiling? Amnesty and border security are big issues for conservatives and anyone else who respects our constitution and the rule of law. And yet Rubio, thought by some (myself excluded) to be the next Republican savior, has allowed himself to be completely rolled by the Democrat Party and has ‘evolved’ (to use a term favored by the Left) into nothing more than an errand boy for Schumer, Dingy Harry, and Team Obama. He’s pathetic. Does anyone believe Democrats would be pushing so hard to rush this through if they thought it would help Republicans?

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