Julie Roginsky | Progressives must oppose Obama on wiretapping program

We have arrived at a defining moment for the progressive movement in this  nation.

The New York Times editorial board, which has generally given this president  a lot of leeway throughout his career, wrote a scathing denunciation Friday  of  the Obama administration’s use of data mining, claiming that “the administration  has now lost all credibility” on the issue of balancing civil rights with  national security.

Every progressive with even a shred of moral consistency should side with the  New York Times against the White House.

The events of the past month – from the Associated Press subpoena to the  James Rosen search warrant to the revelation that our government has been  indiscriminately collecting phone records data – have forced liberals to make a  choice between complacency and outrage, between keeping silent because one of  our own is in the White House and calling him out on betraying the principles  for which we have fought for so long.


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