Katrina Trinko | Gomez keeps it close against Markey

Gabriel Gomez thinks the tide is shifting his way.

A new poll, commissioned by a Republican donor, shows Gomez and his opponent, Representative Ed Markey, a mere point apart in Massachusetts’s special Senate election, scheduled for June 25. And Gomez thinks the scandals haunting D.C. right now, from the IRS to Benghazi to the seizure of journalists’ phone records, will make Massachusetts voters wary of electing someone who epitomizes D.C. like Markey, a Maryland resident who has been in Congress since 1976.

“This is really turning into a D.C. army versus me and my army of Massachusetts,” Gomez says in an interview. “I think he’s running what you would call — and I’m biased obviously — a desperate, dirty, deceitful kind of campaign. It’s been negative ads from the beginning.” He adds, noting the new poll, “It’s like a complete shift in momentum in the last week and a half.”


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