Katrina Trinko: Sarah Palin’s Still in the Game

Via National Review Online:

While national media attention has waned since she opted not to run for president in 2012, Palin has remained a conservative favorite, garnering huge applause at CPAC earlier this year for her speech and helping to boost four out of her five endorsed Senate candidates to primary wins last year. She is set to re-join Fox News as a contributor, after a few months absence. She continues to have a dominant social-media presence on Twitter and Facebook. Today she’s slated to speak at the Faith and Freedom Coalition Road to Majority Conference — where, if the past is any indication, she’ll earn thunderous applause.

“She flourishes when she is within her element and among the people who believe in her message and want to hear red meat with a soft touch,” says GOP pollster Kellyanne Conway.

“Her support, if anything, has grown,” says Amy Kremer, president of the Tea Party Express. “She’s so down to earth and does what she feels and what she thinks and she doesn’t hold back. She’s not intimidated by the Left or by the establishment.”

In other words, she’s still adored by some conservatives — even if she doesn’t inspire the same amount of coverage from the “lamestream media” that she used to. “She is a rock star to the conservative movement,” Kremer adds. “Of course we have upcoming and rising stars whose profile is growing, such as Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, but there is no one that excites the base like Sarah Palin.”

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