Keith Koffler | Why Democrats might reject Hillary Clinton in 2016

It looks like the Hillary Clinton inevitability bandwagon is up and running  again.

Just as in the ramp-up to 2008, Hillary has again scored a victory in the  Political Prognosticators’ Primary, vanquishing the prospective Democratic  field, in the eyes of the cognoscenti, by pre-spanking her opposition with her  imposing résumé.

But what those who tout Clinton as a nigh unstoppable force for  the 2016 Democratic nomination fail to realize is that Hillary Clinton is the  most overrated politician of her generation.

No doubt she can outwork the opposition and probably raise more money and get  more pop stars to pledge their allegiance. She eats determination for breakfast  and persistence for lunch.

But diligence, as Barack Obama has taught us, does not guarantee success.  Getting results and performing when it counts — as Obama also teaches — are what  matters in politics. And results are what Clinton doesn’t get, and probably  won’t get in 2016.


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