More Lies About Health Care Costs

Obamacare shills are claiming that recent experience in California shows that the program will reduce premiums, a “home run” for consumers.

Not really. As Nick Gillespie explains in Reason, the claims are actually fantasy baseball, because they compare very different products. “When you compare similar products to similar products, you see just how much premiums – now mandatory, due to the individual mandate – are increasing,” by over 100%.

Coyote Blog explains it with another metaphor:

Essentially what is going on here is that Obama is touting a 5% drop in the price for a Ferrari, and hiding the fact that the Ford Taurus is going to double in price. Or worse, the Ford Taurus will not even be for sale, so middle class Taurus buyers will be forced to buy a Mercedes or Ferrari. Health care buyers don’t care that a package of features is going to be a bit cheaper if they don’t want those features. And recognize that the price increase for healthy young people who feel no need to buy a policy will be facing an infinite price increase, from zero to whatever he now has to pay.

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