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My post yesterday praised, albeit tepidly, Peggy Noonan’s latest column.

A commenter on the blog Instapundit is not so forgiving. Responding to excerpts from the Noonan column, he writes:

I know you often mention Noonan’s ridiculous attacks on McCain/Palin back in 2008 when she criticizes Barry these days. But in can’t be repeated often enough. People like you knew and told people (repeatedly) what was coming if Obama won. You didn’t know the exact detail of the abuses of power that would come but you knew they were coming. People like Peggy Noonan, David Brooks and Christopher Buckley, on the other hand, assured us that John McCain was too unpredictable for the Presidency and Sarah Palin not worthy of the Vice-Presidency. Barry, on the other hand, had the look of a president and certainly could be trusted with the levers of power. He went to an Ivy League school, after all.

Noonan looked down her nose at us in the flyover country and tut-tutted to her Beltway friends about how us slope-foreheads didn’t know how to judge politicians like those in the political class knew how to judge them.

Look what you gave us, Peggy-O.

It would be nice for Noonan to apologize to Palin and to also apologize to the country for being so gravely wrong on a matter so important to the future of our country. Until she does that, her criticism of the President is laughable. She helped ensure he would win.

Excellent points. I agree with Glenn Reynolds’ response: “Well, it’s worth pointing out, but better a slow learner than someone who doesn’t learn at all.” But my respect for Noonan remains at the tepid stage, pending further confessions of error.

As the commenter says, there are indeed many people who owe an apology to Sarah Palin. I wonder how many will step to the obligation.

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