O’Reilly Describes Why the GOP Needs Governor Palin (Without Using Her Name)

Apparently, a study was conducted by the College Republican National Committee.

It concluded that even though young voters understand that Obama hasn’t made the economy any better, they appreciate the fact that he’s ‘trying.”

They moved on to discuss social issues — gay marriage and abortion.  While there is indeed a big generation gap on the issue of gay marriage, when it comes to abortion, just as many young people are willing to acknowledge themselves as pro-life as compared to those who go the other way.

One conclusion of the study (as explained Kristin Soltis in the segment) is that social issues aren’t likely to swing young voters either way.  It’s more about building among young voters — one at a time — by letting them know what’s in it for them.  That’s where Obama won the battle, even if it was horrible for the country.

O’Reilly concluded by claiming that “what it comes down to” is a “charismatic candidate.”  Aside from finding a “candidate who tweets,” they have to “reach young people and use words they understand” concluding that “it comes down to personality.”

Of course what O’Reilly didn’t mention is the fact that we’ve always had a charismatic-conservative member of the Republican Party.  She’s a reformer.  Unlike other conservatives, she was “tea party” before it was cool.  She’s always spoken the language of all voters.  She uses words they understand.  She is cool enough to infiltrate Hollywood and hold her own on any red carpet in the world.  Yet, she’s humble enough and real enough to spend most of her time in flyover country energizing and inspiring masses of people sick of those on both sides of the aisle feeding them a bunch of rhetoric while they bankrupt our nation.

It’s those same qualities that scare her critics to such a degree that they’ll actually attempt to use them against her.

Who Bill O’Reilly described tonight when proclaiming “what it comes down to” was, in fact, Governor Palin.  Frankly, nobody else considered to be future White House material lurking within the party comes close to embodying the entire package of coolness coupled with experience.

If the GOP wants to win elections, it would behoove them to understand why it is that the left continues to attack Governor Palin with far greater energy as opposed to wasting their time on anyone who seems to fit the RNC’s blueblood mold.

Liberals are not threatened by those people, they’re threatened by her.


Here’s a perfect example of Governor Palin’s message to young people — in “words they understand.”  She knows how important young voters are and she didn’t need a study to find it out.

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