Pelosi: Obamacare is a “liberation”

I think this is a variation on her claim that one of the many wonders of Obamacare is that a certain segment of society (Democrat voters?) will be “liberated” from that pesky requirement to get a job so that they can instead make art or something while productive Americans pay for their health care. But with Pelosi, who knows? That wasn’t San Fran Nan’s only noteworthy utterance at yesterday’s presser:

Two points. First, she claims she never said health insurance premiums would be lower for everyone. Except she did. For example, via Real Clear Politics, here’s Pelosi in an interview last summer with David Gregory on Meet the Press.

And it’s not like Pelosi was the only leftist selling Obamacare as a magic bean that would both lower premiums and increase benefits while covering millions more people. Does anyone remember Obama repeatedly telling us that Obamacare would lower annual premiums by $2500 per family?

Pelosi was on a roll yesterday. She also claimed “the value of what you get for the cost that you pay is a reduction in cost to you”. So because the government has decreed that health insurance plans must cover myriad more services (most of which defy the concept of insurance), you’re getting better coverage and, therefore, the higher premiums you’re forced to pay are in reality a cost reduction to you. That’s not qualitatively different than telling someone who’s planning on buying a $30,000 Honda Accord that the $1.3 million Ferrari Enzo is in fact less costly because it has more options. Is this the new math? I still can’t believe this simpleton was Speaker of the House.

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