Politico | Rubio on amnesty bill: No ‘parades’ for me

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio is defending his participation in the Gang of Eight’s immigration bill efforts, saying he knows it won’t win him any “parades” among conservatives, but it’s necessary.

Speaking Wednesday night with Fox News’s Sean Hannity, Rubio said he understands why conservatives are skeptical of immigration reform.

“Look, it’s obvious I didn’t do this for political gain. This is not something that’s going to gain me any parades. People are frustrated, and I do understand it. What I hope they understand is that I studied this issue carefully for almost two years and I concluded that what we have in place right now is a disaster,” Rubio said.

Saying that border security will be key to an immigration reform package, Rubio said an amendment he hopes will be introduced Thursday will ensure that those issues will be dealt with before any permanent legal residency measures.


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