Schumer-Rubio should really be called Obama-Schumer-Rubio

Via the Daily Caller’s Neil Munro, Obama is far more involved in the amnesty bill than the so-called “gang-of-eight” is letting on. Indeed if you believe this report (and I do), everything in the bill has to be pre-approved by Team Obama or it won’t “fly”.

The White House is playing a larger role in developing the Gang of Eight’s  immigration bill than its supporters publicly admit, according to a forthcoming  article in The New Yorker.

“‘No decisions are being made without talking to us about it,’ the official  said of the Gang of Eight negotiations … ‘This does not fly if we’re not O.K.  with it,’” a senior Obama official told author Ryan Lizza for the pending  article…

For example, Obama met with four top Democrats pushing the bill on Thursday, and  a White House spokesman said earlier that White House lawyers are participating  in the drafting of the bill.

So, basically, the four Senate Democrats on the “Gang-of-Eight” meet with Obama and his lawyers for their marching orders. Then the four Democrat Senators give the four GOP Senators their marching orders. In other words, Obama’s running the show. This isn’t a big surprise as the only entities which stand to profit from this amnesty sham are Obama and the Democrat Party. All this talk about the Republicans being allowed to offer amendments to strengthen the border is nothing but sham. The White House has no interest in securing the border, and any amendments designed to accomplish that won’t “fly” with Obama and his “Gang-of-Eight” water carriers. How important is it for Obama to sign this abomination as is?  Very, as Munro explains:

“If a Gang of Eight-style bill is signed into law by the President, it will  probably be one of the top five legislative accomplishments in the last twenty  years,” the official said. “It’s a huge piece of business.”

Absolutely right. In the short run, it will take the heat off Obama and his scandals, a point I made last week.  In the long run, it will give the Democrat Party millions of new voters and cost the treasury north of $6 trillion in additional debt due to increased entitlement spending. This is and always has been the Left’s goal. It’s simply a necessity for the Democrats to secure as many voters with a high likelihood of being dependent on the government and, thus, the Democrat Party, as possible.  That’s the only way Democrats prosper. The fact that Democrats are pursuing their self-interest makes perfect sense.

What doesn’t make sense, though, is the zeal with which Rubio, McCain, and Graham are assisting them. As I noted last week, there’s no evidence to suggest the illegals will suddenly get religion en masse on self-sufficiency, free market principles and the rule of law. That’s not going to happen. Illegal aliens are going to reward that party which demonstrates the most enthusiasm for rewarding them for their illegal acts. And rewarding people for illegal behavior is not something most Republicans willingly countenance. Most, but not all.

Unfortunately are enough beltway Republicans and so-called GOP “strategists” who continue to believe, despite a complete dearth of evidence, that illegal immigrants will reward the GOP with their vote. Karl Rove, for example, is spending large sums of money to support the Obama-Schumer-Rubio amnesty bill. If Rove is “successful” in this endeavor, the only practical effect will be to provide Obama with an enormous political victory — make no mistake, the media will ensure all the credit goes to Obama — and refocus the public’s attention from Obamacare’s disastrous implementation and Scandalmainia to Obama’s awesome legislative prowess epitomized by his great legislative  “accomplishment” on the amnesty bill.

The scandals will be yesterday’s news and the media will be totally focused on Obama’s great “comeback”. A reinvigorated Obama (thanks to the GOP) will then be able to use his new-found momentum to blunt criticism of the inevitable problems associated with Obamacare’s implementation and, suddenly, Obama’s no longer a lame duck. The White House knows this all too well. That’s why Obama and his team are working so hard behind the scenes to make amnesty happen. And Rubio and his cronies are doing all they can to assist. Lindsey “Gramnesty” was out there yesterday promising Obama 70 plus votes in the Senate. Fantastic. The only chance to stop this thing is in the House. But given GOP leadership in that chamber, I’m not optimistic. If the GOP goes extinct, they’ll have only themselves to blame.


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