Ted Cruz explains one of the ways in which the Obama-Schumer-Rubio amnesty bill targets American workers

In her recent articles and speeches, Governor Palin has discussed the many flaws in the Obama-Schumer-Rubio amnesty bill.  Among them was the bill’s targeting of American workers as was noted in Stacy’s post last night. A couple days ago, Senator Cruz took to the Senate floor and explained in great detail how the amnesty bill, in conjunction with Obamacare, penalizes employers who hire American workers. Specifically, under Obamacare businesses will have to either offer their American employees expensive health care or pay, effectively, a $5,000 fine. How can employers avoid these onerous costs? Easy: Hire the illegal immigrants who will have been granted amnesty by the Senate’s bill. To do a little math, an employer seeking to add, say, 25 employees would save $125,000 by hiring illegal “amnestied” immigrants instead of American workers.  And thanks to Obama-Schumer-Rubio, there will be millions of these workers available.  Again this video is a couple days old — and fairly long — but it’s well worth your time.

The Gang of Eight and their cronies, of course, wouldn’t let Cruz offer his amendment. It seems, as Governor Palin has said, they have little regard for American workers. Especially if they stand in the way of their efforts to pass an amnesty bill favored by Washington elites. And if the amnesty bill ultimately passes, the Left will no doubt attempt to level the field by forcing employers to offer Obamacare to these newly amnestied illegals, too, rather than repealing it for everybody.  Bet on it.

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