Tony Lee: Exclusive — Gov. Palin Turned Down Gig on ‘The View’ Last Month

Via Tony Lee at Breitbart:

Breitbart News has learned that less than a month before Barbara Walters defended Bill Maher’s vicious attacks on Sarah Palin’s special-needs son, Walters personally called Palin’s camp to ask if the former Alaska governor could be a guest co-host on The View sometime during the months before the legendary anchor retires from TV journalism.


When Palin’s schedule did not allow for her to guest host, Palin’s advisers left the invitation as an open question. This backstory makes Walters’s refusal to defend Palin’s special needs son, Trig, from Bill Maher’s “retarded” attacks even more interesting.


Walters, who grew up with a special needs sister, said on June 17 on The View that she did not think Maher was “mean-spirited” when he referred to Palin’s son as “retarded.” Walters speculated that Maher did not know the word could be hurtful.


Palin adviser Doug McMarlin told Breitbart News, “A few weeks ago, Barbara Walters invited Governor Palin to guest host The View, schedules didn’t work, and now she and Whoopi are defending this despicable behavior attacking Governor Palin’s young special needs son.”

“I don’t imagine the ladies of The View would stand by if Maher attacked Barbara’s special needs sister or write it off as if he just didn’t realize what he was doing,” McMarlin continued. “

I encourage you to read the rest of the article which has so much more here.

There was a time someone could look to Barbara Walters for a little integrity left in the sad world of commentary.  That ideal seems to have diminished.

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