Adrienne Ross: ‘Hey GOP establishment: Just try to ignore Palin’s challenge’

Adrienne has an interesting piece over at Cain TV.

Governor Sarah Palin received a plethora of attention for her Facebook post on the heels of the Senate’s vote on what many are labeling, not just immigration, but amnesty. Those who follow Palin politics are accustomed to her sharp criticism of the Obama administration and what she calls D.C.’s “permanent political class.” So why have these particular comments fired people up? Her recent remarks did more than offer up criticism. She placed the Republican Party—her own party—on notice. While she is wont to hold both sides of the aisle accountable, this time she went further than usual.


In addition, on America’s News HQ the weekend before last, Uma Pemmaraju read a tweet by blogger Josh Painter in which he asked if she would consider building a Freedom Party with Mark Levin. Palin made it clear that if the GOP continued to abandon its principles, she could foresee many people becoming more independent and not enlisted in either private party.

Now, when the former governor of Alaska speaks, people listen—and they react. Her most ardent supporters tend to find wisdom in her words. Her detractors are often so unhinged, they wouldn’t find merit in anything she says, no matter how sound. True to form, reactions concerning her warning have been varied. Some praised it, for they also have found themselves increasingly at odds with the GOP. Others denounced it in fear that leaving the GOP would do damage to the two-party system and would not serve to further the conservative cause. At least one group, Conservative Party USA, is calling for her to follow her principles away from the GOP, as long as she joins their cause rather than forming another party. In an email, they wrote:

Mrs. Palin and radio talk show host Mark Levin are now considering leaving the GOP to form their own party.

Don’t let that happen.  Tell them about CP-USA.

CP-USA already has a solid web infrastructure, email system, solid conservative philosophy, inspired Platform, committed leadership and growing membership.  That’s why you joined in the first place.  And that’s why Mrs. Palin would and should help take CP-USA to the next level.  We would be happy to reorganize to accommodate her.

To be clear, Palin did not say that she would start a third party. In answer to Painter’s question, she simply said it was not outside the realm of possibility that another party would emerge, since the GOP has left many feeling politically homeless. Mark Levin has followed up by saying that this is not an ideal solution, but when the Republican Party clearly doesn’t want you, what else are you to do?


Palin’s comments about a possible exit from the Republican Party resonate with people who are already suffering from a severe case of GOP disillusionment. We have watched the Party “leaders” grow squishy on issue after issue. We have scratched our heads as we have seen politicians we placed trust in flip-flop on their campaign promises. And we are fed up. This amnesty bill bull is not the only issue; it’s just the latest. I have always self-identified as a conservative first, content to be a registered Republican because of my belief in the planks in the platform. But my belief in the planks is only as good as the party’s willingness to abide by them. I have no reason anymore to trust that they will consistently do so.


So let me say this: I may be small potatoes in the big world of national politics, but I do stand under the big banner of We the People. I, therefore, issue the GOP a warning of my own: You would be wise to take heed to Governor Palin’s notice because I’m not sure your Reince Priebus-led Republican establishment could stave off a Sarah Palin-backed Freedom Party.

It’s a great piece and there is so much more here.


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