AK Insider: ‘Sarah Palin Trumps Miller and Treadwell for Alaska U.S. Senate’

(h/t to Ian Lazaran for finding this)

Via the AK Insider:

Palin’s run for U.S. Senate would be a big win for Alaska and a “shoe-in” win for her chance on a bid for the U.S. Presidency.

Palin is the only senatorial candidate that can beat Democrat U.S. Senator Mark Begich.

AK INSIDER has it that soon after Begich heard Palin may run for his Senate seat, the blasting of Palin immediately began through his campaign network and fundraising apparatus. This is the first time from last years start of Begich’s campaign blitz for reelection that he singled out an attack on a specific individual; possible or already declared candidate.

Begich has broadsided Palin in the dark alleys of political circles, before she has even committed to run. Begich does not want to compete with Palin.

Forget Lt. Gov. and U.S. Senatorial candidate Mead Treadwell; forget ”Computer” Joe Miller. To date, Begich has not squandered campaign funds to attack any Republican contender until Palin came along.

Republican moderate and Randy Ruedrich Republican party member Treadwell has limited  support from Alaskan conservatives and Independents.  Begich does not have to pull out all the stops to campaign against self-destructive “Computer” Joe. His failed 2010 General campaign against Independent write-in candidate Lisa Murkowski smoked “Computer Joe” is evidence enough.

By Miller changing his campaign staff from a highly successful Primary campaign to attorneys and amateurs with no political campaign experience during the General election indicates poor judgment; acting on emotions.

Miller not “taking-a-stand” approach against the Ruedrich Party establishment and Republican radio talk-show hosts Dan Fagan and inexperienced local grease-monkey Dave Stieren during the Primary; Lisa was able to make a strong  comeback in the General. Miller was biting at the snake’s tail and not the head.

Besides the Ruedrich Republican radio talk show hosts who wanted center stage for their ratings; were whole-hearted supporters of Lisa; in-bed with the incumbent powerful Republican from the beginning. As the talk radio show hosts chummed around in bars with Lisa’s campaign staff; Miller retreated from the fight and threw his staff under the bus when Lisa’s hoods blackmailed the campaign.

Now, Treadwell as a long-time established Ruedrich Republican donor to Party candidates for many years enters politics to carry the State Seal as LT Gov. He is no threat to Democrats, not aggressive, is considered a RINO by today’s standards, has an easy pointless job being the Lt Gov. The Lt Gov.’s position can take no stand politically or managerial. In this state Lt. Governor is a pointless position and is only suitable for fragile politicians.

Possible Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s strategy however, takes the Arkansas resident to New York, becoming a resident of the State, immediately campaigns for U.S. Senator and wins. Clinton showed she could win a national office even if it meant going to another state, but significantly it gave Hillary a Washington D.C. lawmaker background for her political resume.

Sarah Palin needs the U.S. Senate position in Alaska to gain experience and be on equal grounds for a potential U.S. Presidential race in 2016.

Read the entire thing here.

Obviously, we here at C4P don’t express any opinions about what she does or doesn’t do.  We believe she’s perfectly effective doing what she’s doing and using her unique platform to promote conservative ideas.

However, it’s important to note that there are those out there who realize it’s going to take a certain type of conservative to beat Begich.  If it isn’t Governor Palin, it’s going to have to be someone who hasn’t emerged yet.


A reader pointed out the final sentence posted here.  Obviously, we disagree with the idea that Palin “needs to” be a Senator in order to be a great president.  She doesn’t “need” to do anything other than what she’s doing to make us happy.

However, the article is valid at pointing out the type of candidate needed to take the seat — and he believes Palin is that type.  It’s just good to know others have her back.

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