Bill Kristol | House GOP should discredit Obamacare and ignore amnesty bill

House Republicans need to focus on turning the administration’s retreat on Obamacare into a rout. In light of the administration’s announced delay of the employer mandate, they could move immediately to delay the individual mandate as well, and/or the legislation as a whole.

This would put huge pressure on Democrats to explain why big business gets a break but not workers and individuals. It would also highlight how bad Obamacare is—you don’t delay something that’s a boon to the country. The House GOP could also call Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and others to hearings to explain what legal authority the administration has to selectively delay or enforce the legislation. They could also hold hearings to highlight how dangerous the implications of particular parts of Obamacare are both for our health care and our liberty (e.g., the HHS/IRS religious mandate).

In sum, House Republicans could make July the cruelest month for Obamacare, if they seize this moment of opportunity.


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