Chris Stirewalt | Obama Tries to Talk His Way Out of Summer Swoon

“I don’t usually write emails like this…”

— Senior White House Adviser Dan Pfeiffer in a mass email touting a series of economic speeches Obama will give in the weeks to come.

President Obama’s poor job approval ratings have become as much a part of late July as sweet corn and a fire sale on the Cubs’ roster. But this time, Team Obama has a plan to prevent the second-half slump that played out in every year of his presidency.

Maybe. But with his Real Clear Politics Average approval rating down to 45.8 percent today, massive battles ahead and no ready solutions to what’s weighing him down, it would take something pretty remarkable to let the president defy his own gravity.

Team Obama’s answer, however, is to have the president talk more. Power Play has discussed before the over-reliance of the president and his team on presidential oratory when it comes to corralling a restive electorate. Especially when Americans have heard him talk since 2007, there’s just not much he can say at this point that will get people’s attention.

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