Does ABC’s Jeff Zeleny have a shoe fetish?

Forget about Egypt, Obamacare’s implosion, Syria, Benghazi, the IRS scandal, the moribund economy, and the myriad other serious problems we face in the Age of Obama. The mainstream media won’t be distracted by such mere background noise as they continue tackling the really big stories undaunted. Via Newsbusters:

ZELENY: Why did you decide to wear your running shoes? Let’s take a look at those, they’ve kind of been rocketing around the Internet.

DAVIS: They’ve gained a fame all their own. (Puts shoes on table)


DAVIS: At the last minute I was running out of my apartment, I thought maybe I would need something with a little more support, so I grabbed these on the way out the door. These are actually my running shoes.

ZELENY: I mean these are the shoes now – probably the most famous shoes in politics. And is this a pink –?

DAVIS: I would call it a pink, or a salmon pink, yeah.

ZELENY: But you’re also a runner. I mean, these are legitimate running shoes.

DAVIS: They are legitimate running shoes. They’re dusty from the trail around Lady Bird Lake.

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