Governor Palin Hits Pelosi’s Economic Agenda for Women

Governor Palin had the following to say about Nancy Pelosi’s economic agenda for women:

07-23-13 Tweet

She also posted it via Facebook:

Odd. Pelosi sees women as less than equal and thus needing government intervention. Glad girls today know the truth re: women’s strength and equal opportunity. I’m glad my girls know the truth.

She links to this article at McClatchy:

WASHINGTON — At a summer lunch with reporters in her Capitol conference room, Rep. Nancy Pelosi rolled out an ambitious economic agenda for women with next year’s congressional elections in mind.

The California Democrat launched a legislative agenda of family-friendly policies, such as paycheck fairness for women, an increased federal minimum wage, and President Barack Obama’s proposed early childhood education initiative.

The agenda, coming as the legislative season begins to make way for next year’s campaigns, was designed to stand in contrast to bills being debated under the GOP majority on the House floor. “It’s all about letting women know there’s an opportunity for something different,” Pelosi said, over salads, sandwiches and sodas.

Pelosi, the only woman to have been House speaker, could regain that title again, if Democrats pick up the 17 seats needed to pry the House majority from the Republicans.

That prospect remains a heavy political challenge when newly drawn congressional districts could give the GOP the advantage through the decade.

“It’s possible, but certainly not an easy feat,” according to an analysis from The Rothenberg Political Report.

Pelosi’s new agenda seizes a potential opening as Republicans nationally have done damage to their brand among some women voters. The GOP supported several candidates during the last election who expressed views about women’s issues that many voters found outmoded or simply inaccurate. Republicans lost seats the GOP was favored to win in Senate races in Missouri and Indiana.

At the same time, House Republicans have furthered the perception of a “war on women,” some have argued, by resisting such legislation as the Violence Against Women Act, which reauthorized domestic violence programs, and supporting a bill passed last month to restrict some abortions.

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